Step 1 : Reception of your Products

You can ship your products from any location, whether from a local distributor or an international supplier. When we receive your shipment, we carefully unpack it to inspect the quantity of products, their condition, and any possible visual damage or other information about the merchandise. In case there are damaged products, pictures are taken. If you request a more detailed inspection, it is carried out at this stage. You will receive a report with the details and status of your inventory.

Step 2: Preparation Process

After inspecting your products, we carefully prepare them according to Amazon’s strict requirements. You will be able to calculate the costs with our price list based on the needs of your product. These may include: FNSKU labeling, plastic bag packaging, bubble wrap packaging, expiration date or barcode labeling, sticker removal, etc. We wrap your package efficiently and safely so that it reaches its destination quickly and in perfect condition. When products are ready to be shipped, we update information on size, weight, etc. from the package on Amazon to generate the shipping stickers and affix them to your package.

Step 3: Shipping

When the preparation process is complete, we begin the shipping process, which is done through Amazon Seller Central and the packaging process. The estimated time is 24-48 hours. since your shipment arrives at our facilities. You will receive a notification when the shipment is shipped. It is our priority to save your time and effort by ensuring that your products arrive quickly and safely at the assigned Amazon facilities.


The cost of our services start with the number of products shipped.


Quantity 25 – 100 elements Standard size

$ 1.25 /Item.

  • product inspection
  • poly-bagging
  • Labeling
  • Bubble wrap
  • 30 Days Free Storage
  • Labeling Removal


 Quantity 301- 600 elements Standard size

$ 1 / Item.

  • product inspection
  • poly-bagging
  • Labeling
  • Bubble wrap
  • Labeling Removal
  • 30 days of free storage
Basic storage fee will be charged after 1st month


Additional services


Cost Per Boxes

  • Small Box $2.50
  • Medium Box $3
  • Large Box $3.50
  • XL BOX $5
  • Shoe Box $2.50

If your product arrives in a box that we can reuse, there will be no charge for boxes.

To consult

Additional to consult

  • Private Labels
  • Professional Photography
  • fragile items